Digital Comment Cards (Qr Codes Revolutionizing Consumer Feedback).

Digital Comment Cards Better Than Paper…

Are you considering using Digital comment card in your business to gather instant customer feedback?

If you answered Yes or would like to further your knowledge on the matter keep reading…

I have talked to so many business owners that are tired of entering paper comment cards into their excel spreadsheets weekly by the hundreds. They are all asking me about the new Qr Code technology for instant feedback.

What I tell them is that Digital comment cards are here Now!

Are you curious as to how easily it can be to engage with your customers in a way in which they tell you instantly what they believe of your product or all around experience.

Many Have Tried Paper Comment Cards and Failed.

Would you rather have a paper comment card on the table at your establishment that anyone can throw in the garbage?

Or would you rather have a colorful branded qr code with your business logo and colors incorporated throughout that people can instantly scan with their smartphone, a simple survey of questions you choose pops up on the screen.

After the questions are answered the business owner is instantly notified by email the results and once a month they will receive a colorful pie chart of data along with excel spreadsheets full of data.

It’s time for business owners to wake up to this technology and advance to the quickness and simplicity of digital comment cards asap!

Click Image To See Demo>>>

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